Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It's been a very long time, but I've finally gotten around to posting some art (from the past few years).  Since 2010, I've worked on 5 titles, art directed 15 maps/missions, and continued my pursuit as a life-aspiring concept artist.  Still working on it!

Just in gathering all of the work, it's crazy to see the progression of stylistic and technical approaches adapted over the years.  Right out of art school I was hell-bent against photo-collage; however, over the years I've come to this realization.  Fuck it.  Concept art is about inspiring and giving a clear vision of the game to the team.  And the closer you can get to the final look, the better! :)

Anyway, enjoy this batch of concepts from Advanced Warfare and a few side projects I've done over the last year.  And to those that know me best from Raven--GIVE ME THAT FISH! 


This project was awesome to work on.  Period!  On Ghosts, I art directed 2 multiplayer maps and 3 single player missions.  I was so engrossed in the development of this game that the amount of time spent on it felt halved, seriously.  And fortunately, as a concept artist, I was able to "skip" the bug fixing and optimization period (supposedly I hear it's pretty tedious).  I'm confident Thomas Hamilton could have used my Donkey Brains on the job though. lol